Open Gatherings

Our once-a-month gatherings are open to the public and are dedicated to facilitating healthy, charitable dialogue about identity, inclusion, and equitable community.

CFI's Open Gatherings are a time and place dedicated to navigating delicate, thorny conversations within a protected and charitable environment. We have a lot of questions and often find ourselves talking about subjects that are either ignored or seen as taboo in most social contexts. This public gathering consists of regulars and newcomers with a wide range of identities, orientations, and beliefs who are united by a shared interest of engaging in constructive dialogue and inclusive community.

If you're asking the same questions we are, consider joining us! We invite you to come meet with us for our monthly discussions. 

PAST Open Gathering Topics:

Celebrating Skepticism

What are the challenges of expressing secularism and skepticism in a largely religious society? Have you experienced shame or scorn within a community of faith for expressing doubts? Or perhaps more broadly by expressing an atheist or agnostic identity? 

Sexual Ethics

What are the ethical considerations you make when it comes to sex? Are there spiritual components to sex? Is the relationship between sex and love innate, or optional? We want to hear your perspective. Join us for an intimate and gracious conversation about your personal sexual ethics. 

Body + Spirit

Each new year, many of us make resolutions to exercise more, eat better, quit smoking, bite our nails less, breathe deeply, improve our posture, etc. In other words, our hopes and aspirations of happiness are often tied up with our bodies. This week, we're going to talk about this relationship between our bodies and our spirits, how our physical world can impact our emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. 

A Special Show Tunes Sing-Along

We're taking a break this week from our usual format of discussing important issues to enjoy a night of simply singing together. That's right, it's an evening of show tunes with live piano accompaniment! Send in your requests ahead of time here in the comments, or come and be surprised!