CFI has facilitated workshops and discussions for organizations and institutions like Equality Illinois, the Wild Goose Festival, the Forum for Theological Exploration, The Gay Christian Network, the OPEN Network, and Loyola University Chicago. 

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How do we create and maintain a culture of inclusion in our faith communities and/or social groups? Our workshop seeks to answer this question through small group discussion, synthesized into actionable steps and practices. Our mission at Center for Inclusivity is to “foster healing communities among people of all faiths, genders and sexual orientations.” This workshop will focus on what that looks and feels like in practical terms, including the major challenges in creating healing communities among people who span a wide range of ideological and demographic difference. 

This workshop is focused on the praxis of inclusion, creating a framework for making this ethic a reality in the the attendee’s own context. We focus on LGBTQ+ and multi-faith inclusivity (creating space for queer and straight, progressive and conservative voices at the table), and also give attention toward intersectionality with race and class. 

Adopting a new religious or nonreligious identity presents unique challenges, whichever direction you’re moving toward. There’s a new community to become familiar with. And an old one to reckon with. Like the end of any relationship, you might move forward holding on to some values and positive memories--or maybe spend years unpacking the abuse.

This workshop is designed to facilitate an honest, charitable group discussion about making faith transitions. We make room for a variety of experiences and perspectives as we talk about evolving sexual ethics, spiritual trauma, finding and making new communities of support, the role of faith within cultural and racial identities, and interfaith marriage. Oh, and family--the ones who likely shaped our original faith identities, before we changed.