Counseling  Services

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

A team of clinical therapists licensed in Illinois, contracted through CFI’s Counseling Services department, and specializing in issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, family systems, trauma and PTSD, spirituality, child and adolescent issues, sexual health, and depression. (Accepting insurance and clients on a sliding scale.)

Premarital counseling

A five-session curriculum for all couples, same-sex and different-sex, from an ecuminically pastoral, gender-egalitarian perspective. Wedding officiant services are also available.

Community Gatherings

Support groups

CFI provides meeting space and facilitation for various support groups, such as meetings for celibate LGBTQ Christians, affirming pastors, mixed orientation couples/straight spouses, parents of LGBTQ children, and others.

Public Roundtables 

Monthly or bimonthly gatherings featuring community discussions, documentary screenings, guest speakers, and open mic storytelling.


Educational Inititives

Online Classes

8-week, video-lecture courses open to the public (though designed with pastors, lay-leaders and para-church professionals in mind). Each student cohort will engage in discussion boards and live online interaction with instructors and guest speakers.


Residency Program

A 3-month apprenticeship for students and lay leaders invested in the mission of CFI and willing to raise their own financial support. Internships also available.


Who we are (and commit to being) as an organization and community


Shame is a social concept — it happens between people — it also heals best between people. A social wound needs a social balm, and empathy is that balm.


—Brené Brown, Ph.D., from Daring Greatly

"Anytime you draw a line between yourself and another person, you always find Jesus standing with them on the other side."

This thought shared by Seth, a community member who identifies as a Christian, beautifully captures what we're about as an organization and community. For too long, people of faith have used God and sacred texts to validate the exclusion and suppression of voices that differ from their own. We believe in pushing back at that impulse and creating space where those differences are acknowledged and celebrated.

CFI promotes LGBTQ+ inclusivity as sacred─that is, central and obvious to what it means to be a person of faith today. But as a community center in the heart of the Midwest, we are much more interested in the ethic of inclusivity as a practice (orthopraxy) than an ideological abstraction (orthodoxy). We seek not only to create and sustain healthy, diverse communities within our walls, but also to formalize a methodology of inclusivity that can be taught to communities of faith and agents of change throughout the world.

We commit to being a genuine, generous, diverse, transformative collective who embrace and care for everyone seeking refuge and community in our midst.


We commit to safeguarding the dignity of every story and celebrating the integrity it takes to make one’s true self fully known. We recognize our shared humanity, never hiding ourselves behind a talking point, nor the other behind an ‘issue.’


We commit to adopting a posture of humility, seeking first to understand, then to be understood. We deeply and charitably engage across our ideological divides and celebrate our shared values as well as our differences. We create safe spaces for all, not comfortable spaces for some.


We commit to elevating the perspectives of the marginalized and amplifying minority voices, not just once a year (e.g. Transgender Day of Remembrance, Black History Month, World AIDS Day, etc.), but through an organizational culture of equality and education.


We commit to exploring and articulating new expressions of peace and human flourishing. We believe in the creative nature of community as a force for good and wellspring for growth.