8:30 am08:30

Chicago Non-Monogamy Conference (CNMC)

  • Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Join us as we present at the 2016 Chicago Non-Monogamy Conference (CNMC). This one-day conference provides a space for attendees to discuss topics pertinent to being non-monogamous, to expand their understandings of their own relationships, and to get to know each other as members of a diverse community seeking intersectional understanding and inclusion.

Session Title:  Coming Out As Non-Monogamous
Session Description: What does it mean to be out as someone who is non-monogamous (or an ally)? What have you gained or lost or feel you will gain or lose in being out? How do the identities we bear impact and influence our engagement with our communities as well as relational frameworks? Join us for an interactive dialogue as we share our experiences and consider what having space to be openly non-monogamous means for us and the communities we are connected to.

Faith Forward Conference
May 24

Faith Forward Conference


Join us as we present at Faith Forward 2017 - an innovative gathering of leaders who are creating a new kind of faith formation with young people – one that is radically inclusive, generous, and thoughtful.


Breakout Title: Let Them In: The Importance of Inviting Young People Into Our Stories
Breakout Description: Stories are important. They serve as the vehicles through which we capture histories, give voice to the present, and engage imagination as we envision what's to come. Sometimes stories go unspoken between generations so what would it mean to cultivate spaces where we, as youth and young adult workers, allow ourselves to be known? Join us as we consider what it means to invite young people into the stories of our lives, the realities we confront, and what we hope for in our futures. We will engage in group dialogue around barriers to communication, navigating thorny conversations, and best practices for building protected, inclusive community for our young people.


Anna Redsand: Reading, Q&A, Signing
4:15 pm16:15

Anna Redsand: Reading, Q&A, Signing

  • McCormick Theological Seminary

What does coming out as a lesbian look like for a missionary's kid who grew up on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico? Join us we listen to Anna Redsand share her journey via readings from her new book "To Drink from the Silver Cup - From Faith Through Exile and Beyond" on April 4th.

This event is co-sponsored by McCormick Theological Seminary's Student Council and the Center for Inclusivity. It will take place in the Buchanan Lounge where refreshments will be provided.

#MakeLoveLouder at Pride
12:00 pm12:00

#MakeLoveLouder at Pride

  • 445 West Diversey Parkway Chicago, IL, 60614 United States

Join us for a tongue-in-cheek, counter-protest campaign at this year's Pride Parade! We'll station ourselves directly in front of the cordoned off protest area, offering a message of support and solidarity with paraders--in contrast to the message of shame and stigma from those behind us. 

We hope to inject some humanity, laughter and hugs into a spiritually dark spot in the parade route. Together we'll #MakeLoveLouder!

If you'd like to join us, please come to our planning meeting on June 20th at 7p. Here's more information:

Open Gathering: #MakeLoveLouder Planning Meeting
7:00 pm19:00

Open Gathering: #MakeLoveLouder Planning Meeting

  • Center for Inclusivity


This week's open gathering will be a planning meeting for our upcoming campaign at the Pride Parade, #MakeLoveLouder.
You can read more about that event (on June 26th) and spread the word here:

For this planning meeting, we'll talk about everything you need to prepare, both physically, and emotionally/spiritually. It's an overwhelming experience, and one of the highlights of our year. We'd really encourage you to join us for this planning meeting if you'd like to participate. It's gonna be a blast!


If you can, please join us before the meeting begins for dinner. We’ll eat right around the corner at Dib Sushi Bar and Thai Cuisine, 1025 W Lawrence Ave. at 5:30pm.